Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some Snowy Sunday Inspiration: Queen of Fashion by Caroline Weber


I hope that everyone is staying warm and cozy on this wintry weekend!

While this is going to be a 'mini' post of sorts (the bigger, juicier stuff is coming, fear not), I thought I'd do some sharing nonetheless.

As I sat drinking a cup of hot cocoa by the window today, I happened to glance over at my book shelves and she (by she I mean, this book) spoke out to me.

In my first ever post about Marie Antoinette I mentioned the book Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution by Caroline Weber. The book is phenomenal, and served as a major inspiration behind my beginning this blog. I came to the conclusion today that this book deserved more than a mere mention, but instead an entire post.

I read this book back in 2008 when I was working on my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. The amazing opportunity to meet Ms. Weber came along that same year when she came to Toronto to do a lecture and meet & greet at the Royal Ontario Museum.

You cannot begin to even fathom my delight/excitement/anxiety at the prospect of meeting her! Can we say huge fan?

In any case, this book, while well researched, is such a juicy read that you'll fly through the pages in no time (I myself read the book while on a weekend away to my Opa's for Thanksgiving).

Queen of Fashion discusses an idea in the study of history that I believe gets overlooked: the importance of fashion to culture. In this particular case, in France during the years leading up to the French Revolution.

Laden with poofs, pearls, scandal and suspense, I recommend this book to any other fellow lovers of fashion history.

Until next time,

fefe x

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello Again, Old Friends


I know, it's been quite some time. Years actually.

I've missed writing! So very much. Lately I've been really feeling to get back into the swing of things and talk about what I love most and share it with the world: scandal, fashion and all things juicy throughout history.

So, bear with me madames and monsieurs. I'm going to re-vamp my little blog :)

Until next time.

fefe x