Thursday, November 4, 2010

About The Author-ess Pt. I

Bonjour bloggers and welcome to The Gilded Cage!

This is a long time in the making, this blog of ours, and we hope to make it fabulous! We are currently under construction, so do not be too horrified by the current state of things. I did want to get things rolling though, so much to blog about! As you will see, the ladies of the Gilded Cage will be covering a wide array of topics, as we have a wide array of tastes and interests. We are *attempting* to base this blog however on art, fashion and photography - WITH A TWIST- a historical twist, that will be provided by yours truly :) 

Now about me, well, I did my undergraduate degree in History, dabbling in Art History, Classical Studies and French Cultural Studies. I love love LOVE the history of fashion and all other things fabulous and am essentially the self proclaimed historical contributor of this blog of ours! 

I'll leave my co-blogger to say hello and do her own intro, hopefully soon! 

Now, let's get blogging! 

fefe xx

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