Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Pierre Trudeau did for the Canadian Fashion Scene

Trudeau, arguably the most famous Prime Minister of Canada, was in charge of the nation from 1968 to 1979 and 1980 to 1984.  After a long line of stodgy old prime ministers, with arguably no style, the philosopher king was elected by the Liberals to lead the party and then the Country.  Known for many great political and nationalist policies, he was also the first and only Prime Minister to be idolized as a rock star. Referred to as Trudeaumania, this period in time was exceptionally exciting. Trudeau dated the likes of Barbara Streisand and Kim Catrall from Sex and the city; He is said to have had a  fan in John Lennon and was also rather close friends with Fidel Castro - particularly in his later years. 

But enough about the politician’s life and times.  What is most relevant to this blog is Trudeau’s impeccable and unique style. Truly a style icon of the 60s and 70s, he was known for wearing a red rose on his lapel, sporting a couple outlandish outfits such as a cape at a Grey Cup game, wearing some nice looking suits, as well as some cool outdoorsy attire. It also helps that he was married to the gorgeous Margaret Trudeau and has two extremely gorgeous sons - Justin and Sacha.

What you will notice with most of the style icons documented on this blog is that it is not just the clothes they wore or or the circle of friends they socialized with.   Most often these icons created change and did things in their own unique way.  Trudeau certainly qualifies as one of these icons.  For a good understanding of Trudeau's personal style - I suggest taking a gander at the new sort of photo-documentary  book (with commentary from Trudeau’s two sons) titled Trudeau: Images of Canada’s Passionate Statesman, published by The Canadian Press.  Also, just for fun, check out Bastards and Boneheads: Canada’s Glorious Leaders Past and Present - Here Trudeau is considered a Bastard Maximus Supremos.
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