Thursday, November 18, 2010

The "People's Princess" and Rebellious Royal: Diana, Princess of Wales

Bonjour all! For a while I had been trying to figure out who I would like my latest Queen of Fashion post to be all about. I stewed and brewed over other candidates when today I finally had a "Eureka!" moment. Lady Diana was always going to be a post subject, and although I wanted to save her for a later time, in light of this week's news of the engagement of the future king and queen of England, I believe there couldn't be a better time to honor the woman who breathed life back into the royal family!

We are all probably more familiar with the late princess, in comparison to my other queens. During her life, and even in death (1961-1997) Diana has remained an undisputed icon of fashion, beauty, grace and humility. Highly popular with the public, Diana was known for her charitable work. AIDS, leprosy, campaigning to ban land mines, the princess went well above and beyond the call of duty, and was very hands on and passionate about her work.

From a fashion stand point, Diana was constantly setting trends. The public and paparazzi were obsessed with her, at the time establishing her as 'the most photographed woman in the world'. From a meek and muted style in the 80's, with age Diana progressively became more and more glamorous as the years went on. Hats, suits, dresses and oh my, of course, the jewellery! There are thousands of fabulous photographs of the princess in all her chic glory! Sooo many pictures in fact, it was so very difficult for me to choose which ones to use in this post!

Diana famously enjoyed experimentation, but still always kept it classic and elegant. Traditional tiaras and jewels paired with dresses of contemporary famous as well as up and coming designers, even creating quite a stir by wearing an emerald choker, a gift from the Queen, as a headband! The first royal to wear blue jeans and bikinis, she had no fear in wearing such classic royal pieces in a very modern and bold way.

Throughout the 90's Diana became a muse of sorts for designers, gracing numerous covers of popular magazines. Befriending many designers as friends such as Valentino, attending Gianni Versace's funeral, Diana is really the first royal of the modern era to have embraced and established a much more modern, comfortable yet still chic image.

Looking for more on the subject of Princess Diana and fashion? Check out Colin McDowell's Diana Style with a foreward by Manolo Blahnik and Dressing Diana by Tim Graham.

Diana, Princess of Wales, one of my favourite fashion 'queens' (yes, even though she was a princess), of the modern era!

Until next time!

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